What kind of fishing pole is best for me?

I’m a beginner fisher only fished once before I want a pole that’s relatively cheap but the right one for me where would I get one?

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4 thoughts on “What kind of fishing pole is best for me?

  1. The right rod and reel depends on what you’re planning on fishing for: panfish, trout, bass, saltwater, etc. There are cheap combos (balanced rod and reel sold together) available at big sporting goods stores or places like Walmart.

    At a sporting goods store (Bass Pro Shops or the like), or smaller fishing tackle shops, there will be someone there who should be able to give you specific advice based on where you live and the fishing you can do.

  2. Depending on what you’re fishing for and where you’re fishing is what kind of pole you should get.
    When you’re fishing in a lake/river/pond you could get a medium light, or even ultralight fishing pole, I suggest UglyStiks because of their durability, and I’ve just had good experiences with it. I used to use an Water Eagle hook or something like that, and I loved it. If you want a cheap pole, you could get a COMBO which is a rod, with the reel. Sometimes the reel will have line pre-spooled with it. Tight lines!

  3. ugly sticks are great. If you break them fishing then you get a brand new on free for life.
    and you can get em at walmart. good luck fishing.

  4. a diawa d-shock ultralight it was my first fishing rod and it is the best rod you can buy for 24 dollars

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