What kind of fishing pole setup for trout ?

Im looking to get my first fishing pole. I have a camping trip coming up and I’m gonna be doing some fishing at Kern River, CA. Does anyone have any suggestions for an all around good pole and reel??? Thanks in advance

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4 thoughts on “What kind of fishing pole setup for trout ?

  1. Go to walmart and buy a microspin rod combo there 20 bucks i have 4 of them they work great……

  2. An ultralight spinning outfit made for about 4 pound line, the rod probably about 6.5 feet long, will be a good beginner outfit. It can cast the smaller lures or baits you’ll need for trout. Make sure you get an “open face” spinning reel, not a closed “push button” one. The exact brand/model doesn’t matter much. You can find that type of thing at a larger sporting goods (chain) store, or at a place like Walmart.

    An inexpensive combo will run you $20-$30.

  3. Well man for my trout setup I have a Diawa dshock rode and reel combo bout 30 to 40 bucks with 6 pound spyderwire mono line. I like to use something call trout magnets. That’s all about 60 dollars

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