What kind of fishing rod should I get?

I would like to get my dad a fishing rod for Father’s Day, because you know he LOVES fishing and isn’t able to go fishing like he used to anymore. He’s no expert fisher man, but he does know how to use a fishing rod, so which one should I buy? Any websites selling fishing rods would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance
I know it’s mother’s day I’ve taken care of her gift.

Anything at $100 and below. :)

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3 thoughts on “What kind of fishing rod should I get?

  1. It should be flexible and less volatile. The rod should be long for good and easy grip.

  2. Whats your price range? Todays mothers day to you know.

    St.croix mojo bass
    Abu garcia veritas
    E21 carrot stix
    Daiwa T series
    Shimano cumara
    Daiwa aird
    St.croix triumph (I think) I know theres a St.croix in that price range.
    If you want to spend a bit extra G.loomis makes a rod for like 130

    There ya go.

  3. I’m a salt water guy so Shimano is a great pole and the set up is even better. Quantum, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, Cabo I recommend. You can go to a lot of fishing sites and find them for whole sale. Ebay to be honest has a lot of great products also. I’ve bought brand new 300$ reels for 50$ due to smart bidding. Don’t bid all at once, wait til the last couple seconds bid and steal the item! Good luck!!

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