what kind of reel should I get?

I want to buy my boyfriend a Penn reel for christmas but I don’t know which kind would fit his needs. He is more of a lake fisher than an ocean fisher so I don’t need something ridiculous, yet I want to get him a really good one. Any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “what kind of reel should I get?

  1. A Threadline Reel with the capacity to hold plenty of 20/30kg line should surfice

  2. Are you sure you want to get him a Penn reel?

    Certain Penn reels are great in saltwater, but other company’s have better freshwater Lake reels.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1.) Pflueger, “Supreme”, model 8035MGX- This is an AWESOME reel for $100! Go to http://www.basspro.com to see the reviews on this reel.

    2.) Team Daiwa “TD-Pro”, model TDP-2000 6 BI- Rave reviews and a decent price, $119.

    3.) Shimano, “Stradic MgFB”, model ST2500MgFB- One of the finest reels made! Expensive but durable and smooth, $229.

    4.) Shimano, “Sustain FE”, model SA 2500 FE- Pro quality reel; the finest for any type of fishing, Salt or freshwater. $249

    Any of the above reels outshines ANYTHING Penn makes.

    Go to http://www.basspro.com to see the reviews for yourself!

    However, if your dead-set on a Penn here is one that will work:

    1.) Penn “Slammer” model 260- $129

    Penn reels are designed for light-heavy duty inshore/offshore saltwater fishing and would be “over-kill” in most lake fishing situations. Unless your fishing for “Nessie” (lol-teasin’ ya!)

    Hope this helps ya? Good luck!

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