What kind of rod do i need for this reel?

I have an okuma stinson spinning reel that can only hold up to a 6 pound test line. I will mainly be fishing on lakes and small ponds from the shore. What length rod do i need. And are there different thicknesses of rods? Suggest your favorite rods please nothing too pricey.
What action do i need?

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3 thoughts on “What kind of rod do i need for this reel?

  1. When fishing at lakes its ideal to have a short rod, and a 4-6 pound test line.
    I myself prefer Shimano lightweight and durable.

  2. Well my neibor owns that same reel and uses it with a shakesphere uglystick ultra-light version. It is about 5.5 feet. This pole runs $30 with a reel so without the reel it should be very cheap.

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