what kinds of fish finder can be use when people fishing on the shore or beach ?

i want to buy a fish finder ~ but i don’t whether it can be use when i am fishing on the shore or beach (i don’t have a boat or ship) ~~ so anyone introduce some devices for me ~~ i don’t want to be stupid fishing in no fish area . so any one know ? and that fish finder is available under $100 ??

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5 thoughts on “what kinds of fish finder can be use when people fishing on the shore or beach ?

  1. This be Hummin’birds link, it’ll give ya’ the different models they offer. Sharon gave ya’ a good link to Cabela’s, so you’ll be able ta’ have an idea on the $’s. Like her, haven’t used one myself ~ they look pretty akward except for the SmartCast R15. Good luck and as always,”Fish ON” ;)…


  2. Hello, First off, Cabellas is the right place to go, they carry a guarantee, and they always have the newest high tech equiptment.. i have used a shoreline fish finder, and it works like this…..the camera or “transceiver” hooks to the fishing line as a bobber, with the “Receiver” being like a wristwatch. cast out and reel in slowly watching the receiver while you reel. the fish show up as blotches on the screen, with some models even telling depth and water temperature…so i do recommend them…. Good Luck, and Great Fishing

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