14 thoughts on “What lure did you use to catch your biggest Largemouth Bass on?

  1. 6 pounds is my largest, caught off a black senko
    my uncle’s largest (he’s in the MA BASS master’s circuit, won it a few years back) is around 14 pounds caught off a senko as well

  2. I used a 6″ pumpkinseed senko into a timber area and let it fall ‘naturally’. He wasn’t a huge one – 20″

  3. A Texas ridged 7″ purple worm. I was bouncing it along the bottom from a boat in about a 100 acre lake. We were fishing over a ridge line that ran along the side of the lake, it was in about 8 ft. of water, muddy and slightly rocky bottom. It was 6.7 lbs. I know its not that big of a fish, but the waters we fished for all our largemouth had Numbers not size. I did catch many largemouth on the same lake in the 5-6 lb. range on spinnerbaits.

  4. I caught a 5 and 1/2 pounder on a berkley Powerbait. I was actually suprised because they normally suck and dnot catch anything around where i live. I also caught a big one on a Rapala floater.

  5. I caught an 8lb bass in late Feb. in northern Louisiana, where I live, on a 7inch Zoom red shad worm . I was fishing on the bank of a one acre cow pasture pond that has been there for ages. Texas rigged, and fished real slow. This large female was full of eggs. After I landed the hoss, I put her in an ice chest with no lid. About 10 minutes later, I was looking across the pasture and noticed a dog had robbed my prize and was scatting across the plain. Finally, after many mintues of trying to coax this thieving varmit into letting go, I was again reunited with my catch. Although my dreams of wall mounting this rarity were shattered, it still fed quite nicely!

  6. Ablack hula popper landed me a 9pound 11oz largemouth and what a fight. Stripped my gears on my little Zebco 600.

  7. My personal best or bests were two fish around seven pounds. The first was on a small shiner fished under a bobber in a farm pond in the southern tier of western new york. The second I caught yesterday on a scum frog, I noticed the fish were jumping and feeding right on the surfaceso i tossed a scum frog above a weed bed and twitched it a little before the water exploded underneath it.

  8. My son caught a nice bass 13.4lbs on a X-Rap fishing 3 days after last X-Mas at Fork. We were cranking ledges in 14 ft water. 7′ G loomis, Team Daiwa baitcaster with 14lb XT. I lipped the bass because his hands were full.
    Here is my son and me presenting his fish to Budweiser Share A Lunker Program.
    This was his third bass over 10lbs and his first entry for donation.

  9. Ah, even though you already know, my biggest and smallest bass (hey, I’ve only caught two…) were both caught on watermelon senkos. Get a flats-fisher in a bass boat and you have to laugh. Cast waaaay up into some cow pasture, tangle up in a bunch of grass, hop across a few lilypads, finally hit the water, let it sink a bit, and WHAM!! The bigger of the two was guessed (by a couple guys who would know) to be six and a half pounds or so… was about 22 inches long, nice fish if I do say so myself.

  10. 12lbs 1 oz caught May 03 on Ft Gordon, GA…caught it on a Texas rigged Senko in Black with silver flake…

  11. The largest bass I have caught to date unfortunately (I fish alot of lakes with huge bass for PA standards) is only a shade over 5lbs. I caught her on a Rebel P60 Pop-r in the Tennessee shad pattern. I caught her at app. 9am with overcast skies and a light rain.

    I was fishing a flat with clumps of weeds here and there. I found a couple clumps that held several bass and I kept catching fish off the same spot. On my 5th cast to that spot, she broke through the water but missed the lure. I popped it very quickly 3 times and she slammed it. It may not be the biggest bass I’ll ever catch, but definatly the most memorable!

  12. Believe it or not………the large Cotton Cordell Big O…………..an old standby lure that still works………..its a fat,rattling crankbait that dives maybe 2-3 feet deep………I was cranking…pause..cranking……………Wham

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