9 thoughts on “What lure is best for largemouth bass when i dont know how the lake is im fishing in?

  1. Texas rigged worm 6″-10″ with a 1/4oz slip sinker, is what I would suggest. This will allow you to find out what the bottom is made of and/or find cover such as stumps, drop offs, etc.
    Next thing would be a crank bait that would run in the range of 4-6ft depending on the depth of the lake.
    For this time of year either one of those should get you some results.
    Crank baits this time of year are great around rip rap, and standing timber, you can also run them on the out side edge of weed lines.
    Good Luck

  2. I’d use a 5 foot deep crank bait or football jig -reel it in slow- then when it is dusk use a popper on the surface.

  3. i would start by throwing a crank bait or spinnerbait.of course by doing this u will cover alot of water.by covering alot of water u will eventually find fish.take a mental note or mark it on a map,that way u can come back and get pretty close to that spot to fish it a little harder.when u make it back,try other baits such as jerk baits,jigs,worms,and tubes.fish them differently,texas,wacky,or carolina rigged.

    also u can allways fish main lake points.there will allways be fish on or near main lake points.

    if the property leading up to the area u are fishinh has a heavy slope u can bet that it carries right on into the water,vice versa if the property has little slope.

    get u a topograghical map.alot of these maps will have underweater terrain on them as well as land terrain.it will show old road beds and old bridge embatements…………….good place to catch fish.

    good luck

  4. I have had continued success with the Zoom Super Flukes in the watermelon seed color. A new color that I tried recently and caught decent sized bass with was the watermelon candy color. You should really give these lures a try.

  5. If you don’t know where the heavy cover is, DON’T try slow moving baits. (Soft plastics, jerk-baits, and such.) Because, you can find the fish more easily by using a fast moving bait like a spinnerbait or crankbait. Not saying that soft plastics wouldn’t work because, they’re my favorite, just saying if you want to locate the fish FAST use fast moving lures.

  6. Early spring is prime time for catching giant largemouth bass, but you must have the right tools for the task. Here are a few lure recommendations for this time of year along with fishing tips for each (full disclosure, I work for PRADCO Outdoor Brands who own Lurenet.com)… Good fishing!

    1) Smithwick 5 ½-inch Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue – Clown

    The suspending jerkbait that put suspending jerkbaits on the map, a Rogue is the bait of choice for giant smallies when they stage just off spawning flats. Pause it as long as you can stand between jerks – and maybe a little longer – and remain ready.

    2) 7-inch YUM Dinger – Watermelon Pearl Laminate

    Big, bold offerings often trigger heavyweight spawning fish into committing, and nothing will do that job quite like a 7-inch YUM Dinger. Big Dingers’ also produce hoards of hawgs when pitched around shallow cover throughout the spring.

    3) BOOYAH 3/4-ounce Football Jigheads – Brown

    During early spring many big fish remain in or very near their winter areas, which dictates hitting deeper structure. A BOOYAH Football Head allows you to keep soft-plastic offerings close to prime structure and comes equipped with a 4/O Gamakatsu hook for putting those big fish in the boat.

    4) YUM 5-inch Gonzo Grub – Green Pumpkin/Orange Flake

    A perfect match for the Football Jighead, a Gonzo Grub has a fluttering skirt and twin tails that provide an incredible amount of action. The 5-inch Gonzo provides the necessary bulk to get a lunker to commit.

    5) Bomber Fat Free Shad – Dance’s Citrus Shad

    If you ever travel to Mexico without a stock of Fat Free Shads you’ll buy some before the trip is over, and if you fish anywhere bass grow big without ‘em, you’re leaving something significant on the table. Fat Frees dig deep to get down among ‘em and have just the right profile and wag.

    6) 1-ounce Double Willow BOOYAH Blade – White Chartreuse

    Another trophy bass gem for when the lunkers are laying low in the water column, a big Double Willow BOOYAH Blade offers a large profile to suggest a serious meal. Let it fall to the bottom and slow roll it across the deepest edges of flats and the ends of points

    7) ¾-ounce Single Colorado BOOYAH Blade – Coleslaw

    When early-spring storms stain big bass waters, it’s time to pull out a thumping single Colorado. The fish will move tight to shallow cover, and they will dart out of bush to ambush something that’s creating big vibes. Work close and make short accurate casts, working the bait tight to the thick stuff.

    8) BOMBER Deep Flat A – Apple Red Crawfish

    The Flat A’s extra-tight wiggle suggests an easy meal, which is something bass cannot resist while their metabolism levels remain low. Use a steady medium-slow retrieve and kick it off rocks and the bottom whenever possible.

    9) Cotton Cordell Super Spot – Tomato Red

    A first-season classic on grass lakes, the Tomato Red Super Spot accounts for a tremendous amount of hawgs this time of year. Let it fall into patches of submerged vegetation, rip it out of the grass and hold on tight!

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