What ratio of reel should I use for trout fishing in WV in April.?

Never been trout fishing, always been a crappie and bass fisherman. If someone has some different choices of trout bait that would work I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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5 thoughts on “What ratio of reel should I use for trout fishing in WV in April.?

  1. i’ve done a lot of fishing. i have a large number of reels. i like to use the same ratio on all of them, so i can adjust the rate at which i’m reeling. you have a better idea of how fast the lure is going, and it’s easier to control. just my two cents. i saw jimmy houston in a seminar a few months ago, he said the same thing. just get used to one ratio, then manipulate your speed manually.

  2. the best bait to use for trout is corn, or even cat food that works but you can also get in trouble if caught use it and use spinner bait lures ( in-line spinner) try also yum trout bait and live worms

    Good Luck from LiL Man from NJ

  3. with the question about gear ratio it is implied you will be lure fishing. the mepps aguila and the rostertail are two of my favorites and i use a 5 to1 on my ultra light (4′ 6″) and a 4 to1 on my standard (6′) rod. as far as bait goes i use power bait or gulp for cheesy style baits and inflated nightcrawlers.

    note to people who use corn..stop it.. if a fish eats corn and your not clever enough to catch it, it dies. they can’t digest the outer shell.

  4. There be a lot of them ~ Panther Martin, Blue Fox (my two preferences), and Mepps spinners, Kastmasters spoons along with Nightcrawlers, Earth and or Meal worms, crickets, grasshoppers, Salmon Eggs (over ALL these years of fishin’ I’ve stuck with Pautske’s “Ball O’ Fire”, brand name salmon eggs), Power Bait, Cocktail Marshmallows (bout’ the size of a nickel in diameter), Hellgrammites, Crayfish aka Crawdads and the list goes on, however this’ll give ya’ somewhat of a start. Good luck and “Fish On”;)…
    < ' (( ( > < Panther Martin Spinners: http://www.panthermartin.com/lures/Spinners/Regular.aspx
    Blue Fox:
    Kastmaster Spoons:
    Pautske’s Salmon Eggs:

    Note: here’s a link that’ll give ya’ some more:

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