What rod and reel should I get for deep sea fishing?

I’m looking for a rod and reel not together as a combo for altogether $160-180, i will be fishing for bluefish and bass and other varieties in that sort. I’m going to be jigging to the sea floor on the east coast a depth of about 180 ft deep. Links would be great. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “What rod and reel should I get for deep sea fishing?

  1. if you’re fishing for Bluefish/Striped Bass you’re either going to be chunking (using cut pieces of bunker/butterfish/mackerel) or jigging. (tins or tuberigs)

    For that purpose a 6’6 to 7 ft rod and reel combo with a medium to medium fast action will work fine. use at LEAST 20 lbs test. Bluefish are insanely strong for their weight.

    If you’re fishing for Sea Bass you’re going to be wreck/reef/bottom fishing using bait (clams, squid, crabs) and with rigs and sinkers.

    For that purpose a 6-7 ft rod with a medium fast to fast action is the ticket. 15-20lbs (just in case you tie into some Giant Codfish or Tog)

    I use Daiwa Sealine – Boat rods with Okuma Levelwind reels or my Penn Mariner with a Okuma Salinas

  2. A Penn 4/0 senator runs around $100 and will handle fish 50#+. A med or med/heavy UglyStik Tiger is around $50, and would work.

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