What rod reel and line should be used for saltwater surf/pier fishing?

I want to buy a couple of poles for surf/pier fishing but don’t exactly know what size pole, reel and lines to get. I go down to the coast quite a bit with some friends and we fish off the piers and right off the shores a lot. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “What rod reel and line should be used for saltwater surf/pier fishing?

  1. Buy a nitro pole,40lb test,and size 8 hooks.Im fishing right now in hawaii as I write this

  2. A surf rod differs from a pier rod,the surf rod is longer,and the reel has a larger capacity to cast far out into the breakers and beyond,20 to 30 pound test line is used for the surf rig,pier fishing you need a stout short rod,like you’d use on a boat,and a conventional reel,lighter line,15 lb.test would do the job.A typical surf rod is between 7 and 12 feet long,the pier rod is short,say 6 or 7 feet but thick,most people who surf cast use a spinning reel because it’s easy to use,a conventional reel takes a certain degree of skill to cast far,but when mastered you can throw a bait a great distance with one.PENN makes good quality equipment,and comes in both styles,but they aren’t cheap,so you will only have to buy them once,I’ve had mine for more than forty years,and they still work fine,just rinse them after use,and lube them regularlySurf rod,is a Powerstik,12 feet with a Spinfisher 704z reel,the other is also a powerstik 7 feet with a peer 309 reel on it,doubles as a boat rod.The older ones made long ago were made in the USA,by craftsman if you can find one hardly used,they are cheaper than new and better made,IMO,the new ones are made in CHINA,uhhhggghhh!!!!

  3. from a pier you should definitely use a shorter rod no longer than 7 feet. The actual rod/reel combo really depends on what kinds of fish are biting at the moment at that location, so it’s good to have more than one rod available for different situations. I carry a medium heavy, & a medium light. On most piers you have a limit of 2 – 3 rods varying depending on the state.

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