What rod would go good with this reel?

I’ve got a shimano spirex 4000RE reel and I was wanting to know some suggestions on good reels. here’s the details on the reel.

Aluminum frame

cold forged aluminum spool

duel paddle handle

quickfire trigger

rear drag

line cap: 8-240 10-200 12-160

5 ball bearings

Any info is appreciated!
I meant Rods not reels! Sorry

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3 thoughts on “What rod would go good with this reel?

  1. It’s never wrong to start with a medium action 6 1/2 foot, since it’s a nice reel you don’t want to go too cheap, I’d start with probably a nice daiwa or shimano rod- seems like you’ll have quite the bass slayer when you’re out on the water.

  2. You have a Shimano Spirex rear drag ($59.99)?

    This really depends on how much you want to spend?


    1. Berkely Lightening Rod 7′ M action ($34.99)
    2. Ugly Stik Lite 6′ M-MH ($39.99)
    3. Cabelas Pro Guide IM-6 ($39.99)
    4. Shimano Convergence 6′ 6″ M ($39.99)
    5. Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special IM-7 MH 6′ 6″ ($49.99)
    6. Browning Medallion GT M-MH 6′ 6″ ($49.99)
    7. Fenwick Eagle GT IM6 7′ ($54.99)
    8. Cabelas Tourney Trail IM-7 7′ M-MH ($59.99)

    Your “best bet” in this category for “price” & “durability” ,(in my opinion), would be Berkley Lightening Rod , Cabelas Pro Guide IM-6 or Shimano Convergence. DO NOT buy a 2 piece rod unless you have to.

    $80- $100 +

    1. Bass Pro Shop Bionic Blade 6′ 6″ MH ($79.99)
    2. Cabelas Fish Eagle 2 6′ 6″ MH ($79.99)
    3. Fenwick HMX Series 7′ M ($84.99)
    4. St. Croix Premier Series 7′ M ($100)
    5. Shimano Compre 6′ M ($89.99)
    6. Daiwa Team Daiwa-S 6′ 3″ M ($99.99)
    7. All-Star Team All-Star 6′ 6″ M ($99.99)

    8. Cabelas XML Ti 7′ M ($179)
    9. G-Loomis GL3 SJR783 6′ 6″ M ($180)
    10. After the $200 “mark” I would buy any G-Loomis!

    A “good buy” in this category would be the Cabelas XML Ti. They are “essentially” a G-Loomis Spin/Jig rod with a “slight” lower grade in rod blank.

    These are my picks! Hope they help ya? Good luck!

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