What should I purchase from Cabelas?

My Father sent me a gift card for $150 from Cabelas.

Should I get a Daiwa “Sol”? A nice leather over- night duffle? A Pflueger “Supreme”?


Would like some ideas for someone who has alot of fishing equipment already.

Thanks guys!

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13 thoughts on “What should I purchase from Cabelas?

  1. What ever your little hearts desire!
    Which Plueger Supreme they make that model in both a Spinning Reel as well as a Bait caster.
    Other than that I would say go for the Pflueger “Supreme”( a real nice reel, I have one Supreme) I have used the Sol once and was not over impressed with it, more of a finesse bait caster in my book, has a very low line capacity capability. Me; I would get the Supreme as stated before or add some money and get the Daiwa TD-X103HSDL (Team Daiwa® -X, Super Tuned) my main reel, have 6 of them.
    Make sure and give dad a big hug for thank you…better yet take him fishing even if it is to sit on the bank and drown worms…spend some time together.

  2. I wish I had your problem LOL . Take your time that catalog is huge and you will spend it all and than some !

  3. Buy an envelope and stamp and mail it to me, I’ll put it to good use for you!

    My vote goes for the Pflueger

  4. I second the vote for the Pflueger spinner. And a biggo hug is in order for dear old Dad.
    I dunno, maybe some Gore-Tex thong underwear (or raingear perhaps)?

  5. Give it to me. (lol) ;)

    Or you could get fly tying things…

    Or a boat or float…

    Or flies…

    Just look online….’

    Have a great new year!!

  6. Go with a pflueger trion, supreme, medalist, or president spinning combo because pflueger rods are quality and they match up well with the reels, then you can get some good line and an assortment of lures with the rest of your change.

  7. Oh boy Cabela’s!!!

    Well for starters, do you fish a lot? If so, I would suggest picking up a good Spin or casting reel and some Maxima fishing line.

    Daiwa Millionaire® Bar-Stock Casting Reel is an excellent reel, I bought my husband one and he loves it.

    Okuma® Hardstone Spinning Reels is a really good deal for the money.

    Lamiglass make an exceptional steelhead and salmon rod.

  8. how about rod storage, reel storage, tackle storage. go through you lures and see if any of hooks need replacements and other parts too. gear maintenance stuff. i.e. lube for reels, new eyelets for rods…stuff like that. get the pflueger if you cant think of anything.

  9. Wow it seems your lucks in, lol. I know the feeling when you’ve got cash or a gift card to spend but don’t really know what to spend it on since you’ve got loads already. So my advice would be take your time choosing as I’ve been there and bought somethings i was never going to use. My advice to you would be clothing, how about a nice light weight waterproof jacket such as those made by loop, or guide. they are expensive but will really keep you dry and they look good too.
    Or how about a gps, or a humin bird fish finder.

  10. check it out – lots of good stuff on sale cheap.
    I think the rod rack is a good idea….

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