What should i wear on my trip to Paris, France and London in June?

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. So I am a teenage girl, and I love fashion. I usually shop at stores like Forever21, Marshal’s, and TJ Maxx because i like that their clothes are cute, and inexpensive. I am taking a trip this summer, in June, to Paris, France, & London and I have no idea what to wear…
-What should I wear on my 16 hour plane trip if I want to stay away from sweatpants, hoodies, flip flops, and tennis shoes, while still being comfortable?
– What types of outfits should I wear while I am there if I want to be cute, comfortable, and fit in? (it will be hot probably… and i need comfortable shoes)

Here is our itenterary for the 10 days of this helps:
-Day 1 Start Tour
-Day 2 Bonjour Paris
*Paris City Walk
*Ile de la Cité
*Notre Dame Cathedral
*Ile St. Louis
*Latin Quarter visit
*Dinner in Latin Quarter

-Day 3 Paris Landmarks
*Arc de Triomphe
*Eiffel Tower
*Champ de Mars
*École Militaire
*Les Invalides
*Place Vendôme
*Opera House

-Day 4 Royal Paris
*Louvre visit
*Fragonard’s Perfume Museum visit
*Seine River Sightseeing Cruise
*Couscous Dinner

-Day 5

-Day 6 The Art of Paris
*Musée d’Orsay visit
*Eiffel Tower ascent
*Dinner at a crêperie

-Day 7
*Farewell dinner in Montmartre

-Day 8 Start Extension to London
*Eurostar Chunnel crossing
*London City Walk
*Thames River
*Trafalgar Square
*National Gallery Visit
*Piccadilly Circus
*Covent Garden
*Leicester Square
*Fish & chips dinner

-Day 9 London Landmarks
*London Guided Sightseeing Tour
*Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, *St. Paul’s Cathedral

-Day 10 End Tour

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One thought on “What should i wear on my trip to Paris, France and London in June?

  1. You are so full of your self. Most ppl will be looking at the paintings and monuments, not you. Make sure your shoes are comfortable. If you don’t, you will be saying “gee, that old codger was right about the shoes.” Jogging shoes are the most comfy and since you are with a group, regardless of what you wear, ppl will know you are a tourist. Don’t overpack clothes. Europeans wear the exact same clothes for 2 or even 3 days straight.You might want to pack one nice dress for the evenings.

    Stuff to wear: good fitting jeans (no holes). Blouses you already have should be fine. French women wear jeans and loafers with no socks.

    Stuff to not wear. Baggy clothes, baseball cap, beret. If you wear a beret, you will look like an American/Canadian attempting to look French. Only 3 kinds of ppl in France wear berets: old farmers, soldiers and actors portraying French Resistance fighters in World War 2.

    Going on a tour? Hah! Might as well flush the $ down the toilet. France and GB are democracies. Not to mention that they speak English in Britain. In addition to Ethiopian, Polish and Tagalog. You do not need govt permission to enter museums, stores and restaurants. Be aware that many tours will steer you to a store bc the tour guide gets a commission for every item purchased by the tour group. Surprise! The stores mark up their prices in anticipation of this.

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