4 thoughts on “What tackle is best used for jetty fishing that would cause the least snags?

  1. They have some new sinkers out that are called “No-Snag” sinkers. They are flat and greatly reduce your chances of getting snagged. Also, hook your hooks into the bait/lure itself making it “weedless”. This will make it so that your hooks do not dig into anything, reducing your chances of getting snagged even more.

  2. Start with “no less” than a 13 ft rod with big eyes and big spincast reel and pendulum cast far out let line run so it drops out there and does not swing back to rocks.

    When retrieving lift rod high and do it fast and you should be allright.

    You can try a spider weight with copper wires extended to hold weight where it strikes bottom and use live baits on #4 Circle hooks.

    I use old sparkplugs etc for weights and 10 pound test leader on weights so as not to break off main line.

    Be SURE you have a long handled gaff, do NOT get in water.

  3. Long time Redheat, How’s it going? To answer your question, tackle isn’t the problem, the rigs are. Try using a break-away rig or a knocker rig with a circle hook. You can also use bank weights attached to a weaker snap swivel. A 3 way rig will also work. The swivel is the key, use good swivels to help prevent line twists in the current. I’ve gone jetty fishing a million times over with set ups from 6 foot to 12 foot and it always comes down to the rigs. ~good luck catchin’.

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