What to use when fishing for Channel Catfish on the Snake river in WA?

The cats in the river I believe are channel cats. I will be bank fishing. What type of pole do I need? reel? line? lure? bait?

I’ve fished for trout/steelhead/salmon/sturgeon in the past so I’m not new to fishing I’m just new to fishing for cats.

I am also a college student so I cant spend too much money but I also want something that won’t snap after a couple of times using it. Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “What to use when fishing for Channel Catfish on the Snake river in WA?

  1. Hey man. I live by the mouth of the Tucannon. I use a bait caster spooled with 60lb power pro. The rod is a salmon pole rated to cast 4 oz. I rig up with a sliding sinker and usually use night crawlers for bait. I like to douche them good with about any kind of Pro Cure scent. You have a good chance to hook into a steelie or sturgeon, so make sure you rod is held secure.

  2. The bait is the most concern a hook with liver cheese and a piece of prawn will do it make sure it stinks

  3. As a life long catfisherman, I would recommend the following:

    Six to seven foot fiberglass rod *I really like the Shakespeare INSPIN7040FCBO:40 size spinning reel and 7’0” medium action rod spooled with 15 pound test.

    Use a Carolina rig with a Oz. egg sinker and a #4 Eagle Claw Circle Hook. I can’t say enough about the circle hooks because they are 99% corner of the jaw hooked. Splice in a #4 barrel swivel 12 to 16 inches above the hook to prevent the weight knocking your bait off.

    For bait, check local bait shops for minnows and live shad, preferably ones native for the river or buy a couple cups of chicken livers. The night before your trip, saturate the livers in Garlic Salt. This will toughen the livers somewhat and add scent. If shad is available, they will produce a lot better results and try cutting salt mullet for some good results.

    When arriving at the river, look for slack water behind large rocks and remember, catfish depend 99% on scent, not sight, so place your bait close to but not in the running water for best scent dispersion.

  4. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a Zebco 33 Spin-Cast or Shakespeare Tiger Spinning combo. Take the line off and spool it with 12-pound Cajun Red Lightnin’. Use a 1/2-ounce sinker, a swivel, and with a leader tie on a #2 Eagle Claw treble hook.

    Zebco 33/Shakespeare Tiger – $20

    Cajun Red Lightnin’ – $7

    A pack of egg sinkers – $2

    A pack of swivels – $1

    2 or 3-packs of treble hooks ~ around $7

    Around $40 total, plus the money to buy night-crawlers or chicken liver.

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