What top-water lures to use for largemouth bass and technique to use when reeling in.?

I need to know what good allround top-water lure to use for bass and i want to know how to reel in the lure properly to make the lure look like a real fish.

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  1. Right now in my area the Pop-R’s and the Chug Bugs are catching real good. On top water baits they attract the fish by imitating bait fish or fish that is feeding on bait fish. I have the best results when I use the rod tip to just twitch the lure in, sometimes slower works better and sometimes the fish like the retrieve to be a little more aggressive. But do not impart any action to the lure that does not look normal. And after working the lure in for a few feet, sometimes if you pause it and let it sit until the ripples the lure made disappears and then lightly twitch it again, it will sometimes trigger a strike..It’s a fun and exciting way to fish. Another top water bait is the buzz bait. The lure is casted out and reeled in on top of the water.Sometimes the bass will explode on it and on other times the lure will just disappear under water.When it does this , set the hook. A bass just sucked it under.

  2. The two topwater lures that have worked best for me are the two “old stanbys”. The Hula Popper is fished by casting it to a spot that you think a bass will be hiding in then let the lure sit. If you don’t get a strike within about 10 seconds twitch your rod tip to make the lure “pop” on the surface then wait 5 to 10 seconds again. If you don’t get a strike after twitching the lure 4 or 5 times cast to a new spot and try again. The second would be the Jitterbug. This lure is fished by casting it out and and reeling it back in with a steady retrieve. Vary the speed of the retrieve until you find the speed that triggers strikes. Occasionally stopping the retrieve for a few seconds then starting it again will sometimes trigger a strike also.

  3. i like the devel-horese floating plug the toned green one has a spinner in front and the rear, just reel in at a nice slo pace, try different ways reel and stop, bumb, the a few little lite jerks and let stand still for a sec, then reel back to a slo in..

  4. You’ve already got some great answer’s- Thumbs UP DD, Brddog, Sonny.

    Chug Bugs, Hula Poppers, Pop’ R’s, and Devils Horse’s are all GREAT topwater lures.

    However, for more “active/aggressive” Bass you can’t beat a Heddon “Super Spook Jr” or a LC “Sammy”.



    I caught (no lie) over 70 Bass last week using a “walk the dog” presentation with a Super Spook Jr. I find you can cover more water MUCH, MUCH, quicker using a Spook (or dog-walking bait) than any other TW.

    If your gonna fish Topwater you def need to learn the “walk the dog” retrieve.

    Here’s a youtube that might help- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FTd_S-DI40&feature=PlayList&p=8BD49730E8755F97&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=28

  5. My favorites:

    Stanley Ribbit frog, Rage Tail Frog, Rage tail shad, – mostly straight retrieve.

    Arborgast Jitterbug – straight retrieve, occassional pauses, some twitches

    Heddon Spook – walk the dog as mentioned above

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