What type of basic equipment do I need for fishing in Colorado?

I used to go fishing quite a bit as a kid in Utah, but now all that remains from that is my reel and pole. Now I’m in Colorado for medical school with my wife and daughter and was hoping to get started again camping and fishing on our (very few) breaks. Any suggestions on how to get started with fishing equipment? What all will I need from A to Z??


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3 thoughts on “What type of basic equipment do I need for fishing in Colorado?

  1. you will need a fly-fishing outfit or light spinning outfit or preferably both for trout up in the mountains, a decent baitcast outfit for bass at cherry creek, horsetooth or sterling reservoirs, one maybe a bit heavier for the pike at horsetooth and sterling.
    something suitable for big catfish at cherry creek and some other waters.
    and a little heavier spinning outfit to round yourself out for walleye, carp and also for bass.

    then all the commensurate terminal gear to use with all your new rods for all the species you wish to pursue.

    if perhaps you limited yourself to trout in utah, the same sort of gear would work for colorado trout if your plans are to just fish for them.

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