What type of fishing line to use?

I have 4 reel & rods. With 1 of them I will be bass fishing or fishing for catfish. I will use my bigger reel for those. Smaller ones for bream, crappies, etc. My question is what type of line should I use on all of them. Do I have to buy more than one roll or box of line? If so, please explain. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “What type of fishing line to use?

  1. You can buy 2 rolls of 20 Ib Braided line. Usually there is always line left over to fill two reels.

  2. For you bass and cat fishing reel, use 40 lb Powerpro Braid. It will be tough, long lasting, and will have a diameter equivalent of 10lb mono. One roll of 150 yards will be more then enough for your reel

    For your other reels I would go with either mono or fluorocarbon in 8-10 lb test. Get a spool with 300 yards on it and it will be enough for all three of your other reels.

  3. 10 lb to 15 lb braid for the the bass reel, you should use either a 20 lb fluro or mono leader
    then 6 lb mono for the crappie reel.

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