7 thoughts on “what type of fishing lures are the best?

  1. nick if your bass fishing i’d use a panther martin… another good one is rapala for the panther martin get the blade in gold
    i had one caught a nice bass on it.. dark water dark lures
    clear water white lures

  2. For bass I’d go with the Rapala Shad Rap in the shad color and you’ll, especially in clear water situations. For trout, you can’t go wrong with the Panther Martin though, and for bass for that matter. Just remember that they will twist your line a little bit, but don’t always use a swivel for your lures because they will scare finicky fish like trout. Good luck!

  3. it all depends on what your fishing for. i use alot of Rapala, and Strike Pro crankbaits, in saltwater and freshwater. find out what colors the fish bight on in your body of water, and try to match them with your choice of lures. Your always safe with a 3″-4″ size lure 5/16 to 3/4oz

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