What type of line should be on different reels?

What type of line should be on spinning reels??? What type of line should be on baitcasting reels???
I bass fish. Either mono or flouro for spinning and baitcasting?

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4 thoughts on “What type of line should be on different reels?

  1. You can get by with some 10-12lb mono for all around bass use. If you are a nerd about it like some of us you can change it up. I just spooled some reels up yesterday and here is what I used and on what reels.

    Shimano spinning reel- 6lb Vicious flouro, use for finesse like shaky head and light drop shotting.
    Abu Soron spinning reel- 8lb P-Line Flouroclear, it’s a mono w/ flouro coating. I use for drop shot and light plastics.
    Abu baitcaster- 10lb Berkley XL mono- I use this for topwater and shallow cranks only because mono floats.
    Abu baitcaster- 35lb Bass Pro Magibraid- Pitching and flipping and frog topwater.
    Diawa baitcaster- 12 Bass Pro XPS Flourocarbon- for plastics, cranks, jigs, spinnerbaits.

  2. Baitcasting reels cast best with heavier lines, 12lb, 14lb, and 17lb lines seem to work the best. Of course you can go down to 10lb and even 8lb, but I find 12lb, 14lb, and 17lb mono to work great on baitcasting reels.

    On spinning reels, 6lb and 8lb mono is all you need. Maybe even fluorocarbon. Heavy line on a spinning reel seems to birds nest easy, that’s why you should go with lighter line.

    For all-around use, 12lb mono on Baitcaster, 8lb mono on Spinning reel.

  3. I have spinning and baitcasting and i’ve always bought Mono. It’s a good type of line and it’s good for all reels except of course fly reels.

  4. l use regular nylon mono on all of mine. both spinning and BC.
    4,6 and 8 on the spinning reels and 8,10 and 12 on the majority of my baitcasters.
    use a quality mono. l like maxima ultragreen, sufix stealth and silver thread. but there are other ones equally good. l have just had the best results personally with these.


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