What type of reel to use when fishing Kings in the Kenai river?

I am fishing the Kenai river this summer (end of June), just wondering what reel would be best suited to do this. I plan on wading in the river, no boat fishing (maybe a little bank fishing on some deep spots). I am getting an ugly stick 8.5′ rod, but for a reel I am still up in the air. I have a Shimano Torium 20, would that work for this type of fishing? Also, how does this reel cast, the fishing guy at Dicks Sporting Goods said it casts really well, but you never know with those guys. Thanks

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3 thoughts on “What type of reel to use when fishing Kings in the Kenai river?

  1. I will not say anything but Penn.
    What are you fishing for the Kings or Reds? Fish the Kasilof for Reds or the Russian near Coopers Landing.

    That is my opinion but I will give you the contacts to a really good guide in the Soldotna Area as well as a really great lodge to stay at and you can get the information from the guide and possibly decide to stay at the lodge because what you see on the website is what you stay in.

    The fishing guide web site is: http://www.alaska-sfa.com/
    The guides name is Denny Marr and I highly recommend using him if you should decide to take a guided trip.

    The lodge web site is: http://www.salmoncatcherlodge.com
    I stayed at this lodge and it has all the amenities you will need to include satellite TV.

    I also suggest you make the run down to Homer to fish the Fishing Hole on the Homer Spit. It is a man made salmon run. Fish it on a rising tide and be at the mouth where the salmon have to come into the Hole.

    Good Luck and Tight Lines

  2. First of all I would shy away from the ugly stick, they have the sensitivity of a broom stick, spend a few more bucks and you’ll be happier. Get a stout 8.5 to 10 ft. rod, something made to use heavy line. As for the reel, I use nothing but Ambassadeur, made be Abu Garcia, these are the best reels on the market in my opinion, pick out a larger model with a large line capacity and fill that sucker to the rim, some of those kings in there will take you for a run, without a boat to chase them you better have a lot of line on your reel. Good luck. Tight lines and screaming reels!!

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