What type of rod for blues/stripers fishing?

I’m not sure what most people call them, I usually say freshwater or saltwater poles. But when fishing for bluefish and stripers, is it best to use big, 8-9 ft slatwater rods or just “regular” ones with 20 or 30 lb test

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One thought on “What type of rod for blues/stripers fishing?

  1. Your answer depends on whether you’re fishing from the shore, or from a boat. I can guarantee you’ll have much better luck from a boat, but we’ll explore both options.

    From a boat, you’ll need a sturdy rod that isn’t quite 8-9 feet long. The optimal length is actually going to be 5-6 feet from a boat. If you’re worried about casting distance, go for a 6 foot rod, but any longer and you risk missing a set on your fish.
    If you’re fishing from the shore, you will need a surf rod like you mentioned, probably 8-9 feet long to help you get your bait out there where the fish are.

    You’ll need a medium-heavy action rod at the least. Especially if you’re fishing from a boat, you’ll appreciate the strength of your rod when you’re trying to muscle a thirty pound fish out of the water.

    Get a fast action rod tip so that you can feel strikes quickly, and set the hook just in time. If you’re holding a rod, and you jerk your hand quickly, the tip should move and be sensitive, but the rest of the rod should remain fairly stiff.

    You’re probably going to want a graphite or composite rod, but this can almost be called a matter of preference now that rod technology has improved them so much.

    I would recommend 30 lb test if this is your first time going out for stripers and bluefish. If you’re fishing for blues, you may want to use steel leader as well.

    Another important note, is to make sure that your rod is built for the reel you’re using. Don’t buy a spinning rod for a baitcasting reel and vice versa. If you want to look at some Shakespeare striper rods that won’t break the bank, take a look at my website in my sources and search for “striper” under the “rod” section of my shop. You can find more info on other rods there too.

    Good luck, and good fishing.

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