What type of saltwater Rod and Reel should I use?

I need to purchase some rod and reels. I want the best combo for the best price. I do not want too spend hundreds of dollars on each combo. I need 2 for Red fishing, and 2 for trolling in the ocean for larger fish. What are some inexpensive reliable combos i should purchase

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One thought on “What type of saltwater Rod and Reel should I use?

  1. Trolling would be a Penn Senator 113 or 114 or a Shimano TLD combo.Cheap and good for many applications.
    For reds are you looking for spinning or baitcasters?
    Spinning you could get a Penn 550 ,Daiwa Emcast,Quantum Catalyst,Shimano bait runner combo.
    There are too many variables.All of these can be picked up for around 100 per combo.You can go cheaper,just remember you get what you pay for.

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