What type of trolling reel is best?

I’m looking to buy a new trolling reel, but I want a real good one for under $200. I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?
Sorry I wasn’t specific. I’m fishing for Mahi Mahi. I’m looking for something good UNDER $200. Not that I would spend that much.

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3 thoughts on “What type of trolling reel is best?

  1. What the hell are you fishing for? it all depends and for 200$ your better off with a used reel just edit what your fishing for and I can answer

    I’m gonna edit cause I know you would wonder all night did you read my about me? Artak is my real first name but Kadzoyan is not my real last name it’ll be easier
    If you just read my about me.

    They have alot of good used reels for under 200$ which would be a better choice like a used dhimano tiagra or tld or a penn gld just check dhimabos and penns website they have alot of trolling reels than check Craigslist or a fishing forum for the reel.

  2. I would either get a Fin Nor or a Penn. Find one that fits your requirements, and buy it. They are both makers of great reels.

  3. Well… I guess since I have no idea what you’re fishing for, this link from Bass Pro Shops’ website might help you…

    You could be trolling for marlin, salmon, sturgeon, etc. etc.

    EDIT 1:
    There’s pretty much 3 different types of “trolling” reels. The first and most popular one is the “linecounter” type. They look like your basic levelwind casting reel, but are modified to accept a linecounter device, either digital or spindle (like an odometer on a car). Then there’s the “mooching” trolling reel that looks like a big fly reel. Finally, there’s the trolling reels from years and years ago… they look like an ordinary casting reel, with and without a levelwind, but if you know what you’re looking at, you can tell the difference. Penn 49, Penn 209 and Penn 309 are examples of older trolling reels.

    EDIT 2:
    Interesting, A.K…

    EDIT 3:
    Well, y’know what they say, right? “You get what you pay for” applies to fishing tackle also. So, if you decide to buy something cheap from Okuma, Shakespeare, or some other low-quality outfit, don’t expect whatever reel you decide to buy to survive the entire trip. A big, bull dolphin fish is a hard fighter and a long runner, one can strip the gears and fry the drag just as easily as a yellowtail can.

    But here ‘ya go anyway, since you don’t want something good…

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