What type/size of a fishing rod/reel will i need to fish with on the Susquehanna River?

I want to know how big of a rod i will need, and how big of a line i will need to catch catfishfish,musky,carp,and smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna river. I’d like to keep it cheap, and i’d like to stick with Shakespeare Rods..

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  1. You can purchase a 7′ 2 piece Ugly Stick that will handle
    8 to 20 pound test for about $30 and a Pflueger Trion
    reel or a Pinnacle Extant reel (both are decent and cost
    about $30). Spool up with 10 pound mono and you’re good to go. This is pretty much the “stock” outfit of the Susquehanna.

    For Smallmouth Bass: Mepps Black Furys, Rebel Crayfish,
    red and white flatfish, and Mr. Twisters in yellow, motoroil and black work great.

    For Walleye: Marabou jigs in black, brown, yellow are big producers as are shiners or nightcrawlers fished on a floating jighead off the bottom near drop-off points and deep rocky bottom areas (you’ll also catch your share of Smallmouth
    as well)

    For Muskie: 8 to 10″ yellow tube style baits work best attached to a yellow marabou jig in the late fall through the winter. Look for eddys and fish them hard. Also: big broken back Rapalas in black/silver take fish (make sure you get them deep) Big Mepps Muskie spinners in yellow work also.

    Channel cats can be had by bottom fishing with nightcrawlers and chicken livers.

  2. i have a ugly stick 5’8″ i think with 10 # line and never had any problems in the susquehanna i think my combo was around $30 i have pulled 5 # bass in with no problem thats all i use. they have a shakespeare combo filled with cajin line for around the same that would work also. i’m sure others on here have good ideas also. hope this helps

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