What would be a cost effective catfish fishing rod and reel combo?

I am starting out ,so the expensive stuff like the AG 6500 will have to wait till I get more experience. What time do the channel cats typically bite , the big ones of course

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5 thoughts on “What would be a cost effective catfish fishing rod and reel combo?

  1. Go to walmart and pick up some type of spin cast rod with a medium action 7 ft. pole on it. I like shakespeare. Then get some night crawlers and throw out a tight line right at dusk and wait. If they are there you will get a bite.

  2. ugly stik always works fine for me, whether on the river or lake. if you fish on a lake, dusk is your best bet, and night crawlers will do just fine. on a river, i would recommend chicken livers tied to a hook with fishing line, although depending on where you live and what spot’s you fish, you may end up with a lot of baby stripers as they also love chicken livers.

  3. I would buy an Ugly Stick combo and at dusk is the best time to go.

  4. Get an Ugly Stick for these suckers! Loads of fun to pull them in with such a tough bendable rod (7foot). As far as a reel goes, just get something Shakespeare makes that fits the size of the rod.

    These are both quality fishing gear and they are also both cost effective.

    You want to be out fishing for them when the sun touches the top of the trees. Good luck fishin

  5. daiwa sol and the daiwa procyon m7 medium action ar the steez rod and reel setup haha

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