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  1. Overview
    Forellen image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comForellen image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comAnglers can fish for trout in waters near Bullhead City.dc3f689a-d10c-7aaf-9a92-7b78036e047d300400
    Tourism is the primary source of income in Bullhead, Arizona. Visitors come to this desert Southwest community to enjoy nearby gambling, boating, water skiing and fishing. While the summer weather appeals to those interested in water sports, visitors from cold weather states come in the winter seeking sunshine. Fishing is an activity enjoyed year-round on the Colorado River and lakes in the region.
    Bullhead City is in the west-central area of Mohave County, on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, across from the gambling community of Laughlin, Nevada. About eight miles north is Katherine’s Landing on Lake Mohave. To the south of Bullhead City, about 66 miles, is Lake Havasu City, whose lake borders Arizona and California. In just about all directions from Bullhead City, anglers will find lakes and river waters to explore.
    Bullhead City, founded in 1945 during the construction of the Davis Dam project, was incorporated in 1984. Initially, the city served as the settlement for the dam’s construction crew. According to legend, a large bolder at the dam site, shaped like a bull’s head, inspired the community’s name. After the completion of the dam, waters from the newly created Lake Mohave covered the bull-shaped bolder. After 1953, anglers and boaters came to the community as the construction crews moved on to new jobs.
    Fishing Licenses
    Fishing licenses are required, and anglers need decide where they plan to cast their lines prior to obtaining a license. If you will be fishing the shores of the Colorado River at Bullhead City, you’ll need an Arizona fishing license. Within close proximity to Bullhead City, you could from the shore of Arizona, Nevada, California or Indian tribal lands. When fishing from shore, you need a license from that state or tribe. When fishing from a boat, you’ll need a license from one of the states that borders the water, plus a stamp from any other state that also borders that body of water.
    Types of Fish
    Fish in nearby waters include striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, carp, sunfish, rainbow trout and crappie. Striped bass are a favorite for local anglers, best fished during the summer months. If you are fishing for bass, go south along the river at Topock, during the spring. From late fall to early spring, the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery stocks local waters with trout.
    Local shoreline fishing areas include Bullhead Community Park, north of Bullhead City; Davis Camp, north of the Laughlin Bridge; Rotary Park, near Riverview Drive, and Katherine’s Landing on Lake Mohave. When crossing over to the Nevada side at Laughlin, there is a free access for fishermen along the shore, just south of the Laughlin Bridge.

    The rods below will work for Trout, Smallmouth and Panfish but you will want to get a heavier setup for Catfish, Largemouth and Stripers.

    I. Trout, Smallmouth and Panfish setups:



    II. (small) Catfish, Largemouth and (small) Striper setup:


    Rod Model: PFLPRES70

  2. you can get a decent rod/reel combo at walmart fredmeyer or any sport store in your area that will perform just fine without spending more than 40 or 50$. Once you have rod and reel in hand, your fishing will start to cost you, depending on the species you seek. At the top, you may look for salmon or steel head which has an actual cost per outing, at least that’s what i call it. not cheap, but can be rewarding. bass comes a close second as the lures required are not cheap. hooks and worms will be your best cost saver method, for trout crappie bluegill catfish. hope this helps.

  3. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What’s with all the useless info?

    A low cost, and indestructible rod would be an Ugly Stik Lite. They’re a little better quality than your normal black Ugly Stiks and just a tad more sensitive. 6’6″ medium-heavy action should suffice. A good reel for it, if you’re looking for a baitcaster, is an Ambassadeur 5500C3 or 5600C4.

    Short. Simple. To the point.

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