What would I need to launch a kayak?

It’s a 10 foot pelican 100 kayak I’m 14 if that matters do I need registration or something and if yes were can I get it

And what are some food ways to design it to become a fishing kayak cup holders, rod holders, etc and how could I install a fish finder?thanks

Tight lines
Lmaooooooo I didn’t realize that it made me sound like I already bought it no I just saw it at sports authority today it didn’t look to bad but it was on sale for 230$ I think I can get that much for 300$ could I get a much better kayak?

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3 thoughts on “What would I need to launch a kayak?


    And the rest makes little sense “FOOD WAYS”

    As for the rest most just screw to the kayak and the same goes for a fish finder you install the head through a scupper.

    Uless you buy a all in one stick style which just ataches with a clamp!

  2. about six inches to a foot of water.
    that’s all.

    huh? what? CUP HOLDERS?!?

    actually, sure. you can install all that stuff. even a bait well.
    too bad you picked the wrong kayak…

    you can certainly get a much better kayak for fishing for $300. just find a good used one by malibu, ocean kayak or cobra. there are others. some good, some not. any of these pelicans and some of the other small ones aren’t much more than beach toys.

    a good fishing kayak WILL be a sit-on-top model.
    l mounted my depth finder with a strip of velcro, the battery (a small remote control car battery) the same way and the transducer glued with silicon, flat, perpendicular to the surface of the water. you don’t want or need to make any holes in your ‘yak.
    silicon works fine as long as you have NO bubbles in it at all.
    a small battery is all you need. 12v & 10 or 12 amps will last you all weekend. like l said, l used one of the stick type batteries l bought at walmart on clearance for $10. it weighs about a pound, is sealed so there is no leakage anywhere in my yak.
    fishing kayaks will usually have rod holders already installed. there are many aftermarket ones available. look at cabela’s and BPS websites.
    the next step for me is to get one of those electric ‘yaks sold by BPS. l’ve seen it in person and it is sweet!

  3. You bought a kayak that quickly? It took me 8 months to find the right kayak for myself. Your going to regret that because I just looked at pictures of the Kayak and its not even a fishing kayak. You could have gotten a much better fishing kayak for the money if you took your time researching and finding the right kayak rather than buying one in about 5 days.

    To answer your question, you can install all of what you said above. I am in the process of installing a fish finder on mine. You also (ALWAYS) need a Life Jacket, paddle, and a whistle. The rest are accessories.

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