What would you call a float tube?

Would it be considered a personal floatation device? I’m aware the weather is starting to cool off and it probably isn’t a good idea to use one, but my hubby and I are looking into buying one for each of us. If not this year, maybe in time for summer next year.
LMFAO @ “a highly sophisticated one-person watercraft built just for fishing that can be armed to the teeth with the latest in technology…”

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5 thoughts on “What would you call a float tube?

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHA!!!! That’s funny!

    No, a float tube is NOT a personal floatation device. A float tube is a highly sophisticated one-person watercraft built just for fishing that can be armed to the teeth with the latest in technology… depth/fish finders, GPS systems, automatic trolling motors, specialized rod holders for fly, spinning, and baitcasting rods, rod tethers, anchors and anchoring systems, stripping aprons, specialized float tube fins, storage bags, fish baskets, etc. etc. etc.

    And it is never too late to purchase a float tube. As long as you have a pair of good insulated waders that will keep you warm and toasty, you can fish cold lakes in the Sierras in the middle of winter.

    Thanks Chimp. I’m glad someone other than the asker caught my sense of humor. I know what you mean about the overloaded kayakers… seen it a couple times. But in all honesty, I trust my float tube (which is not the round type that uses an inner tube from a truck) a hell of a lot more than a damn kayak, a canoe, or even a boat. And I don’t know how to swim!

  2. A float tube cannot be considered as a personal flotation device which is another name for a life jacket.
    There are 4 types of float tubes available – the round float tube for still waters only, the more advanced fishing crafts or the pontoons, the U or V shaped float tubes that have an open front and a lounge chair and positions you higher above the water and the cat which comes with foam seats to keep you warm and dry.

  3. By the time that first guy gears up he could afford a boat lol. The few inner tube suicide jockeys I’ve seen use an inflatable vest, kinda pricey but they give more room for “highly sophisticated Equipment”!

  4. you need to wear a life jacket when fishing from a float tube. dont get the “duck feet”. get a pair of scuba-style flippers instead. they make versions that strap on over shoes. walk in to the water backwards. its much easier than trying to clown-step forward in flippers.

  5. To answer the question, A float tube is a fancy word for ” inner tube ” and you can pick these up at any tire shop. The rest was already told.

    GMB~ I just wet my pants laughing!! Thumbs up!!
    Reminds me of these kayakers who went all out and suddenly sink when they boat the fish. Maybe they should have left out the sonar tower huh? hahahahahaha.

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