Whats a good shark fishing reel?

I have a 10ft shamono reel and what reel can i put on it to cast far and have at leas 330yd/30mono i have 200l power pro and i want a shark reel im thinking of buying clx-450l okum reel but you think its a good casting reel?

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2 thoughts on “Whats a good shark fishing reel?

  1. your asking to vague of a question. Depends on where you plan on going shark fishing. In Southern California heck i use a penn 500 jigmaster with a penn 20-40 powerstick. You do not necessarily need distance. This is off the back side of piers like huntington beach. The way we do it is we cast out with a 4 ounce sinker as far as you can cast. Then use a 200lbs steel leader with a good size baited hook. clip it on the line and let slide on down the line. Only other thing you need is a rope with a good 5lbs pier gaff on the end of the rope. this is to pull the shark up from the water

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