whats good for deep sea fishing ?

my grandpa’s b-day is in april and he used to love to fish and really loved deep sea fishing. i want my fam to go out with him and i want all of us to catch somethin. my whole fam lives in the north east and he lives in boston mass. so whats good fishing?

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2 thoughts on “whats good for deep sea fishing ?

  1. try fishing cape cod canal. that is where stripers will be and you should be able to catch them on eels,plugs,and bunker

  2. cape cod canal, is definetly a good spot, as well as in the bay, take a boat out, i would use 30#-50# line and an 80# leader (some of those stripers can get up to 80+ pounds) hook a live eel or bunker (eels are extremely slimy) and drop them down to the bottom, reel up a few turns of the reel and wait, if you dont get a bite in 30 minutes or so move to a new spot, your best bets would be if you can find a submerged channel, or a rock hump in the water, stripers like to hang out in that type of environment, if you have a fish finder it should be really easy to find them look for scools of fish that are stacked vertically, this means they are in hunt mode and will readily take a bait………stripers are hard fighting fish, they like to dive strait down and head for cover, they pull hard and take long runs and as with the general rule of fishing big baits = big fish, and its no different with stripers………hope this helps bud happy birthday to your grandpa
    Tight lines and God bless

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