Whats the best fishing deal you have ever got?

Someone I know got a awesome steal. They were in I think maine and found 3 shimano rod and reels in a bargain bin.

14 dollers each and the retail was 100 bucks. I think they were marked wrong. Pretty stylish combo to.

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5 thoughts on “Whats the best fishing deal you have ever got?

  1. Got a Aba Garcia List $109 New For $ 10 in a Pawn Shop parking lot. Bought a Penn International at same place for $70 & sold on Ebay for over $325.

  2. A bait and tackle store was closing for good,and everything was 75% off,so I picked up ranger waders,and a whole bunch of other stuff for not even a hundred dollars,also got 4 slammer rods,10 dollars each.

  3. I’d rather not share the deals my pop and I have gotten on fishing tackle. The prices would probably make the lot of you cry.

  4. Okuma reels for $30 – were originally 80

    I went to garage sales in a fishing town and there were some good rods for $1 each

  5. Found a bundle of 6 rods and reels laying beside the back road on a fishing trip to the local lake when I was about 20 years old… Hard to beat a deal like that.

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