12 thoughts on “what’s the best fishing lure to use ?

  1. crank baits, jigs those are bass lures

    if you wanna catch catfish/blue gill/brim get some hot dogs

    i hope that helps

  2. Your question is to vague, every lure out there will work for at least one species.

  3. For almost every species a curly tailed grub on a jig head OR a rooster tail works. Catches bass, trout, bluegill, and even pike, and sometimes walleye.

    Happy fishing.

  4. they there, that question could be answered in so many directions just for the fact that the question if pretty broad. are you wanting to fish freshwater, saltwater, for bass, catfish, perch, bream. there are so many different lures out there that target so many different fish. since i have noticed that the largemouth bass is pretty much the fish that people usually ask about to i will go from there.

    there are differet types of fishing techniques that can be used. top water, bottom fishing, jigs , worms, spinners, worms. there are four different types of lures and techniques that i use the most and are very effective. I am not one of those people that has a serious arrisnal to go after the bass i just stick to the basics. top water. the lures that i use for top water are rebel 3″-4″ broke back minnows. those lures are very effective and can be learned quickly. just toss out and reel in. you can change up the presentation some if the bass are not hitting the lure. you can stop while you retreive add a little twitch ith your rod tip and a little jerk here and there. changing up the presentation can make all the difference in the world when the fish are not biting.

    spinners can be a great lures as well. I dont use big ol huge spinners like some. it is true that pulling in a wall mounter can be loads of fun but using smaller spinners will catch big fish too but you can also catch smaller bass that can be loads of fun while you are waiting on that mule of a bass to hit. the spinner is mostly a jig with spinner baldes on them. with that said the presentation can be changed if the fish are not biting. usually the spinneris cast out and retreive. if just tossing out and reeling in ist working, cast out. let the spinner hit the bottom twitch with your rod tip and then pull up on your rod slowly to make the spinner head towards the water surface reel in your slack and then let it fall again and just keep doing this over and over until you retreive your lure. using this method, you can work all areas of the water table.

    my third suggestion, use a good jig with a football head with a good crawfish trailer. this method is fished really slowly. it can be fished in river grass around lilly pads and around different structure. it is a good method to use around the areas where the big bass hide. cast your lure out and let it hit the bottom. twitch your rod tip a few times and reel in the slack and then pull up on your rod slowly to get the bait to move a little. let it hit bottom and twitch your rod tip again a few times. twitching makes the lure look like it s digging around in the mud or rocks or whatever your ground surface is like. this method can be used with a plactic worm as well. you fish it the same way. there are many people that cast out and let it hit the bottom and pull up and then let it hit the bottom and pull up they dont add the twitching to it, but i have found if you fish it slower and add a little twitch here and there it gives a more lively look.

    the forth way i fish is top water around pads and grass. I like to use frog lures an plastic lizards. this way you can get some great top water strikes. you can fish frogs and weightless lizards on top of lilly pads and grass. just toss out and twitch your rod tip to the side a little giving the lure the look like it is jumping or walking. this method is a slow retreive too. if you are fishing around some pads and you may see an opening in the pads. toss over the opening, work you lure over the pads and then into the opening. what this does is allows the fish to hear the lure ontop of the pads and they will wait till there is an opening and then strike. the opening in the pads will allow the fish to get a better view of the lure and then go after it.

    there are many many different ways to fish and the techniques and lures pretty much vary per person to suit their personality and the way they want to fish. finding the style that you like just comes with experience. try this and that and then experiement with different lures to find the way that you like. i say what i use is effective but it may not be effective to you. all the lures out on the market work to one extent or another, all the lures out there gives people variety. i know that i may have left a lot on here so i hope that something in this will work for you. the key in really finding what works for you is to practice with one lure at a time. alot of people will fish with a lure for a few mins and not catch anythins, get frustruated, and then change the lure. and on and on. remember that patients is the key to fishing, if you are fishing with a spinner and you are not having any luck dont change it out, change up the presentation. change the depth, the speed, the movement. change it up and see what happens. dont just give up on a lure. good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

  5. a single bladed mini-king spinnerbait in chartreuse…I’ve caught pickerel, 3 types of trout (rainbow, brooks, and browns), crappie, sunnies, bluegills, largemouth bass, and creek chubbs all on this lure.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING 1 for under $2

  6. Well bama, I’m guessing your from Bama like me, so if your new to the sport, I’m simply going to suggest a starter fish for you. Bream and Crappie. All you need is a float, weight, hook, and bait. I would use worms, crickets, or if your going for the crappie minners (minnows) For bream set your hook about 1 1/2 feet deep and use the worms or crickets. If your going for the crappie set your pole about 2-3 feet deep. This will allow you to catch something anyways, so that you can really enjoy the sport from the get go. If your going after some bass, then there are a whole lot lures you can use. All of which work in some scenario. Jigs are a favorite of mine when fishing in a creek. They seem to produce a lot more for me. In a lake, try using all the plastics until you find the one that they are hitting at the time. If your going for catfish, then try using chicken livers on a fairly large hook and a heavy weight, keep your line tight, and you will know when you have a bite. Other than that, just get out there and have a good time.

  7. Depending on what you are after. Crank baits like rapala’s work pretty well for walleye bass and northern. Spinner baits work pretty good on bass and northern. Jigs with gulp or live bait work pretty good on most species as well. Hope this helps.

  8. As you can see, everyone has a go-to lure they swear by. Most lures will work, the secret is having confidence in what you are doing.

    If you are just starting out, I would recommend my favorite lure, a #7 floating Rapala, silver with a black back. Use a loop knot or a small split ring in the nose of it so you get more action.

    What I like most about this lure is that many fish will hit it when it is just sitting still on the surface. You can cast it out and do nothing and fish will eat it. Once you start to move it, then action differs by how fast, how smooth, and how much you work it back in.

    You can just reel it in and it swims under the surface. You can twitch it on the surface and make it act like a dying fish. You can sweep your rod tip to the side, stop and let it float up then repeat it.

    I love it most because if I lose my train of though and stop reeling, it just floats up, it does not sink down into the depths and maybe hang up on a snag.

    I have used Rapalas from the reefs off the Keys to the mountain streams of North Carolina and caught every specie of fish you can imagine in those locales. Try one, you’ll want more.

  9. More technic than it is lure.And know where fish are.Everything else it baitmonkey money.

  10. Not enough info my friend. What kind of fishing are you going to do? Salt water? Fresh water? Some lures work for both, some don’t. Trial and error always works for me. Its a great sport, have fun.

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