whats the best marine gps/fishfinder for 19ft bass boat?

i fish in large lakes in both U.S. and Canada. My budget is preferably around $500 – 550. Also i need one that the transducer is flat and doesn’t break off when in rocky waters. My last one broke off and was useless….

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2 thoughts on “whats the best marine gps/fishfinder for 19ft bass boat?

  1. I would say one by either Garmin or Lowrance, they both are quality GPS and fish finders, with a budget of $500 you will have some trouble getting a very high quality version with both features, you must consider do you want a color screen or a simple LCD screen, the LCD will be cheaper but wont show up as much detail as the color version, your cheapest option, wal-mart also check out garmin and lowrance on their own sites.

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