What’s the best way to see what’s in my pond?

There is a small pond in my neighborhood. I know there is yellow bullhead and sunfish in their. I want to find out what else is in their. Should I use a seine net or a minnow trap? I would go snorkeling but it’s a very dirty pond.

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13 thoughts on “What’s the best way to see what’s in my pond?

  1. I would try worms with a bobber. If that doesn’t work or you tried it then try bass lures or flies.

  2. borrow an underwater camera from the science and natural resources department at your local community college.

  3. Personally, I would drag it. Depending on it’s size try covering at least 1/3 of it. Repeat this several times and see what you come up with. Yes it’s tedious but you will know what lies beneath!!!

  4. there could be bass in there if it has baitfish and might be some catfish at special points just throw some bait out and see wat happens

  5. dont use a net or a minnow trap. grab a pole and a bucket of worm/minnow and fish to see what else is in there.

  6. get a cheap fish finder and a small raft paddle around cheap fish finders are about a hundred buck thney give you size of fish and structure and depth some will even show bait fish

  7. If you know how to use a cast net you could try that without even getting wet. But fishing it would be more fun.

  8. Take a small buzzbait and run it across the top all over the pond or you could throw a frog imitation in there too. If there’s bass in it they will hit it. Otherwise throw a crawler in there and just wait. Fish the edges of the weedlines. The fish should be around there. Good Luck !!!

  9. try just a hook and worm. you can try also try some senkos to see if there are bass

  10. Fish it till you catch something different.
    I sugest using a spider jig head made by Charlie Brewer’s Slider company baited with a night crawler and slowly hopped along the bottom. Just about anything will attack it.

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