When did the fishing rod/reel become common place?

I figure a pole with string tied to it was common for centuries. When did they become mechanical in nature and when did we start commonly seeing them with reels on them?

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2 thoughts on “When did the fishing rod/reel become common place?

  1. that’s a very interesting question….

    and apparently one without a solid answer.

    im seeing 1651, and 1195 as possible 1st evidence of a line winding device.

    however, im seeing the 1800’s as when it began to evolve into a casting device instead of just a line storage device.

  2. In the US, rods with reels attached became “common place” during the 1920-30’s. During that time it was popular (and common place) to spend the afternoon “casting” for a variety of fish species.

    Before that time, rods with reels were only for the rich and influential.

    Just ask “Huck Fin”! (lol)

    Hope this helps?

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