When fishing with a spinning reel, which hand do you reel with if you are right handed.?

I am not asking this question for me, it is for a guy I work with that uses it backwards. He is right handed and argues with me that Everyone else is wrong and not him. I am not talking about a Zebco or a baitcaster reel. I am talking about an open face spinning reel.

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9 thoughts on “When fishing with a spinning reel, which hand do you reel with if you are right handed.?

  1. It’s personal preference. I am right handed and I reel with my left hand. The rod does more work than the reel, so it’s better for me to work the rod with my right hand while my left hand reels.

  2. tell him to reel with his left hand
    its much more affective
    or he can buy a right handed open
    face spinning reel

  3. Reel with whatever hand is comfortable. You can easily change most spinning reels from left to right handed and vice versa. Just unscrew the handle and flip to the other side. I am right handed and always use my left hand to reel.


  4. Am right handed and have been beatin’ the waters for over fifty years of fishin’ ~ for me right hand holds reel, left hand works crank. I have seen innovations of this, only thing is ~ the reel is upside down (facin’ up). As tj mentioned, anyway that’s comfortable (I guess) ;)… < ' ( (( > < Note: Gotta’ add that it’s goin’ to depend on what side the crank is on the spinnin’ reel…

  5. for me i reel in with my left and hold the pole with my right….reason is…wouldnt you prefer to have your dominate and strong hand on the pole so it wont fly away when the BIG ONE is on and suddenly takes off….besides you need the strenght to fight the fish and your dominate hand should have more control so it would also give you more control on your casts and you could jig around better with your lures too….

  6. Lots of answers, very little info.

    Right-handed casters reel with their left hand. Why?? Because the rod never leaves the hand (arm) you’re casting with. It’s really that simple!!

  7. Its all a matter of personal preference, what ever is comfortable for each angler is the best, i use my right hand on most reels.

  8. probably left.

    because i’m left handed and i use my right hand to reel in.

    he’l probably want to hold the rod with the right hand

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