11 thoughts on “Whenever I go fishing the worm falls off my hook. Are there classes I can take to become a master baiter?

  1. lol… being a master baiter takes a lot of practice. you have to thread the worm on the hook just right. keep on practicing.

  2. Maybe you are using too small of a worm. Try a better grip and possibly a tweezers, for those tough to grab worms….

  3. i had a boss once when i was about 19. working for a promotional company. (i was a shot girl for captain morgan) i was very nice and sweet and a little clueless. this new boss was a good looking young guy. he said, hey, melissa, i need to ask you a question…..if i took you out on my boat with me, would you bait my hooks? i said, well, i do not really like to touch the bait……he said come on, i’ll be busy, i need you to bait the hooks for me. will ya ? so i said, sure, i guess i could try…..him- so you will be my master baiter? me-ya, sure i guess!!!! totally didn’t get it but he had a good laugh

  4. I had the same problem and I always ended the day with fishy fingers. I sent off for a do-it-yourself book, but they wouln’t take a check – they only wanted a postal order.

    NO not postal order Cash On Delivery (could never get that right!)

  5. I sense a bit of humor here, first off forget angle worms, they will fall off on the first cast if they are not hooked properly. Instead use night crawlers,they are much larger and look more of a lunch to fish. Angle worms should be hooked on a small sized hook,and night crawlers on a larger hook(1-2 sizes up)but for either:
    Grasp firmly the crawler with index finger and thumb, place barb of hook through the upper 1/4 of crawler slide crawler up the hook and then loop the crawler around the hook for barbing it another 1/2inch down from the first hook placement. Leave as much crawler to dangle and wiggle..gingerly cast your line out and wait.

  6. well it sounds that worm is to small and ,
    maybe your buddies will let you use their worms for practice
    there are no classes for something like that but like i said maybe your buddies can help you out.

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