4 thoughts on “Where are the best fishing shops for lures and other equipment in northern NY Near or in the Adirondacs?

  1. There are the Adirondacks and the foothills. Either way you’ll be on the Northway (87N). There is an LL BEAN in Albany, at exit 2 (Colonie Center shopping center) of the Northway. Or you could try “outbackoutfitter . com” in Lake George. I think there’s a Panera near the LL BEAN store.

  2. If you’re going to fish the Au Sable, The Au Sable Sports Shop in Wilmington along route 86 will have everything you need.

    There is a TCO flyshop right next to the Hungry Trout Inn that is fully stocked as well (also on route 86 near Wilmington).

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