Where can I find an ice fishing rod?

I know where to find a complete rod and reel, But I don’t need the handle. All I need is the rod part. No place I know of sells just the rod. I built the handle in woodshop, if you were wondering.

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6 thoughts on “Where can I find an ice fishing rod?

  1. Check out Cabela’s site. You might have to buy one complete and switch your handle over to the purchased assembly.

  2. i use half of a normal fishing rod works better than those little dinky things

  3. any sporting good store..or cabellas bass proshops…or you can get a trout pole one of the shorter ones they work great…

  4. from my research, i been ice fishing alot and i have found a couple of stores that sell them cheaper. Basspro shops sell them the mose expenive. go to gander mountain or sportman ware house. they sell combo for like $5 bucks that a deal. for the rod only they do sell them for the same price,.

    good luck and happy fishing

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