3 thoughts on “where can i find help for a fishing reel?

  1. a local bait and tackle store would do just the trick…also at some Walmarts they have fishing specialists that can help you as well. you could also ask a friend who is an experienced fisherman about it as well…well 1 of those 3 things will work out. best of luck.

  2. What “catch”are you trying to adjust? Are you trying to adjust the drag? The drag will either be on the front of the reel or the back. A knob on the back and a dial kind of thing on the front.
    This is a spinning reel I hope. Unless it’s a spincast reel with a closed face in which case I can’t help.
    One thing though, if your line isn’t wrapping around the spool. Loosen the knot and flip it around as in take it off, flip it and put it back on. If your using mono or flourocarbon line that will lock the knot on the spool.

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