Where is the best place for the money to go for a Guided Alaskan fly fishing trip?

My brother and I are looking at going to Alaska on a fishing trip. I am looking for a Guide service that will make an enjoyable trip for 2 that has lodging, meals and a good time. If you can suggest some services that would be able to accommadate us please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Where is the best place for the money to go for a Guided Alaskan fly fishing trip?

  1. There are a lot of guide services here in Alaska and they all get booked in advanced from their regular customers. You would be lucky to get one with lodging and since they get all booked up in a year or years in advance you would have to grab one that sounds good to you.

    The Kenai river is one destination that a lot of people want to experience and that is because… it is home to the world record king salmon which weighed 97 pounds. That record has never been broken and that record was made in May 1985.

    There are many places for a saltwater trip that you can catch… halibut, salmon, and various rock fish… some also get you into crab and shrimp.

    All I can say is do a search for guide services in Alaska and try to contact some that sound good to you and good luck… since I said many get booked up in advanced. I would see if you can get a guided fishing trip on the Kenai river or the Kasilof river.

  2. Look into the Good News River Lodge. I’ve never fished there but I met the owner, Mike Gorton, while I was working at a lodge in Honduras. Is is a hell of a nice guy. I also met a couple of writers for outdoor and fly fishing magazines that said the fishing was incredible there.


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