where to go deep sea fishing in daytona beach for good price?

I wanted to go deep sea fishing in the Daytona beach area for a good price. I’m taking a few kids and we just wanted to have some fun without paying a lot. I looked up some charters online but most are asking for $100+ and go for the full day. I’m just looking for something for half of the day and has a price that’s less than $100

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One thought on “where to go deep sea fishing in daytona beach for good price?

  1. I don’t think you will find a charter for $100. When you think about it, they are providing the boat, bait, guide, equipment, insurance, and lots more for a nice day or half day of great fishing. It seems like a reasonable price to pay. Rainbow Charters is a family owned six passengers or less sport fishing charter booking business. The boat we book is located at Daytona Beach, Florida, within easy driving distance from Orlando. We offer fishing charters, value priced for family budgets. We do bookings for two vessels in Daytona Beach which provide a variety of trips with high availability and quality.

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