which company makes the best fishing reel?

I know of the major manufacturers, ( shimano, daiwa, ABU Garcia…) Do any of them make a good quality reel at a decent price? Also, who makes a good rod? Are there any German manufactured rods or reels?

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7 thoughts on “which company makes the best fishing reel?

  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes!
    The best Reels, to me, on the market are Penns. They make an excellent reel that can last you a lifetime due to the master craftsman ship that went into their making.
    The best rods on the market are, no doubt, Shakespeares. They make poles that can also last you forever and that you can use for almost anything.
    As far as a german company, there is one that is pretty descent. They go by the name Infinint. I bought a rod and reel from them a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong they make great equipment. But nothing can compare to my Penn/Shakespeare combo!
    NOTE** See the links i gave if you want to browse around and for your ease, The prices are fair for the goods that they put out.
    As always, make a good choice and enjoy. And Best of luck!

  2. im not sure about the german part but…. ugly stik makes awesome rods! i have a 7′ ugly stik and i love it! i think zebco makes good cheep reels… my shakespeare open face reel broke so i went to my back up reel… a zebco platinum 33 with auto bait alert… it allows you to push a button and it goes into free spool and makes a noice when line comes out! it is really helpfull! and im not sure about the three that you listed but i hope this helps! good luck!

  3. Ocean level wind—–Penn
    Ocean open face-Shimano
    Freshwater level wind and open face–Shimano
    Freshwater closed face—Zebco 33

    All at “decent” pricing–you can pay more for any of these in different manufactured brands, but will not really be getting much better reelsd to make up for the price increase.

  4. shakesspear the ugly stick best rod in the world and thats no bull man life time warranty on the rods and the reels is always good and they can go from left to right handed which is beautiful for heavy righty like me

  5. This is all a matter of opinion. On the market today there are so many rods and reels being made that are just awesome to use that it’s mind blowing. For rods, you have; G-loomis, All star, Penn, Ugly sticks, Rhino’s, Browning, carrot stix, St. Croix, Falcons and the list goes on and on and on. They’re all good and within reasonable prices. For reels, you have; Penn, Abu Garcia, Shimano, Browning, pflueger, diawa, quantum, Shakespeare, signature series like ; KVD’s, jonny morris, bill dance and so on.
    For one person to say which is the best would be impossible because we all have our preferences. For me, I swing to the Penn reels, always have. I like Shimano, great tough reel but Penn has more muscle. Rod wise I’ll always love my All Stars but When I’m about to do some fishing with people who don’t know how, I’ll take the ugly sticks. I’d rather a $40 rod get beat down and keep the $100 plus rods at home. So, to wrap this up, it isn’t about the price that makes a good set up. It’s the quality behind it that makes it the best set up. Whatever you can afford to get quality in any of the brands mentioned here, you just can’t go wrong. If it feels good in your hands, casts great and you’re happy with it, then you just found the best set-up. That’s my take on it. As for German stuff, can’t help ya. I buy American…made in china. ; ) ~good luck catchin’

  6. the answer would depend a lot on what type of fishing you are doing and also how much money you are willing to spend but all of the makes mentioned produce some great rods. G Loomis is more expensive though, but for reels depends greatly for what requirements you need, but you cant go wrong with penn, abu garcia, daiwa etc but i would tend to avoid the german makes. There is a great new site opened up and adding new stuff all the time which would have anything you need and more.


    check it out!!

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