Which Fishing line should I put on my Quantum Code bait caster?

I have a Quantum Code bait casting reel on a 7 foot rod. I will use this reel for freshwater largemouth bass fishing (topwater, and crank baits) I was wondering which line I should use?
Either 1) Monofilament
2) Fluorocarbon
3) Braid
And if you would, please recommend the brand of the line you’d choose. Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Which Fishing line should I put on my Quantum Code bait caster?

  1. if it was me i would us spyder code red or power pro from cabelas because it is super line

  2. Depends on the action of the rod. My personal choice would be 15 lb. PowerPro braid, but if the rod has too fast an action, you might be pulling the lures away from the fish when using crankbaits and topwater. Braid has almost no stretch or “give”, so when you set the hook, the lure reacts almost immediately unless the rod is soft enough to absorb some of the shock. I like the strength and sensitivity of the braided lines enough that the trade off is worth it to me, I just learned to react with a little lighter touch on cranks and topwater on a fast rod.

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