Which is the better reel for surf fishing?

Spinfisher VS Slammer? Ive read great reviews on both. Which do you prefer and why? Pros/cons
Is there a better reel at this price range?

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7 thoughts on “Which is the better reel for surf fishing?

  1. What sort of fish you intend on catching ? where I go off the beach I like to use a 100 pound hand line and usually get more fish than those with 30 pound line there’s lots of sea weed to snag on and the salmon are big so I say get the reel that will take the heaviest line you can.

  2. I would go with the Slammer, especially if you’re using braid. It also has a better, smoother drag.

    Have you taken a look at the Shimano Spheros? Not to make things more complicated but, I have 2 Spheros and they are the best “beach/Surf” reel I have used. They’re are not finicky, Great Drag! Smooth reel and a tank and easy to maintenance. Just a thought.

  3. I have both,and my spinfishers are old,and smooth as glass,the ones I have(704z,712z,716z) has a manual lever for the anti-reverse feature which my slammer(550ssg) does not have,they are all great reels,have great operation and power.the spinfisher cannot be manually tripped over with the bail,and the noise of it kicking over is rather loud.It’s 30 years old at least.I love them all.The spinfisher collects grit inside the spool rim on occasion if it contacts the ground because it’s not a skirted spool,whereas the slammer doesn’t have this problem because it has a skirted spool.I keep my gear in top condition,and seldom let anything happen adversely to it.If I use it in salt water,I rinse it well afterwards,and oil it.I think the investment of these caliber of reels is a good one.As with any decision on gear,it’s weighed for cost/value to you.i have no regrets on mine.

  4. I own a Spinfisher. It’s as solid as a Allison Diesel Dualie. It’s also old tech. Big diameter arbor, but a short spool length. This makes a bit of a difference if you’re throwing big bait a long distance with braided lines. If you’re strong enough to handle a big rig I’d put this on a 12-14ft+ rod, and throw big bait and weight.

    The Slammer is more like a modern F150 or a Dodge Ram tough, durable with more bells and whistles. it’s not as heavily built as the Spinfisher. It would be a great reel on a 10-12 ft Surf rod pitching 3-4 oz lead with bait or a big popper or crankbait.

    So it’s up to you to look at how you intend to fish, how far you need to cast, how big of a bait are you going to throw.

  5. I prefer a conventional reel when surf fishing… Jigmaster or Squidder, maybe even a Squidder Jr.

    Either one will outcast a Spinfisher or Slammer. And unless I’m fishing for corbina in 6 or 8 inches of water, I want a long cast.

    But… to answer the question instead of just stating my opinion, the Spinfisher.

  6. The most versatile reel I know of is a Shimano TLD 15 or 20.
    Plane/Jane, easy to use as a surf reel and great for trolling, bottom fishing and casting. Truly a remarkable fishing reel! They have all kinds of kits you can buy to trick them out made by various high tech companies. Many people put magnets in the ends to slow them down and make more responsive, etc…….Ck one out!

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