Which of these spinner reels should I get?

I’m planning on buying my first fishing rod soon. I don’t really have any specific fish I’m going for, but I want to be able to get trout, bass, whatever I can sink a hook into.
Anyway, I’ve decided to get a reel on the shimano ix line. Any thoughts on whether I should get a 1000 or a 2000? I don’t really want to overdo it, but I am leaning towards a medium 6′ ugly Stik rod.
Any help would be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Which of these spinner reels should I get?

  1. A Ugly stick with a quantum reel works well and they are reasonably priced. I like 10# test Stren mono as line.

  2. Your first rod is one that should provide you with the good experiences of learning to fish with,I’d go with the 2000 shimano reel,as you may need a little more from it wiith bass,or some other sizable fish,the 1000 might not have the oomph for those,it’d be fine for panfish,but not really enough for a good bass as a newbie.The rod,well,ugly stiks are very popular,and some get good results with them,I just don’t like them,but they’ll do the job well enough for your purposes.Later on down the road,after you gain some experience,you can always move up to a higher quality and sensitivity rod.I personally like the Pfleuger brand of reels and rods,the Trion,or a Presidential models are very good for general freshwater fishing,with the presidential being the higher end of those models,they can be purchased as a combo,rod/reel as a matched set,the one thing to do if you get this,change the line ,if any is on it already with fresh premium line like Berkley trilene,8 lb.test is good for all around fishing.Buying your first fishing rod should be one that brings enjoyment,so It’s an important choice to make which one you end up with,Frustration with equipment can deter you from pursuing your hobby.I’ve been using Pfleuger equipment for a good many years,without any complaints,so that’s why I prefer those,the ugly stik,well,I have one,and just don’t even use it very much at all,but I now own more than sixty rods and reels,they just accumulate over time I guess.I’ve been fishing for more than fifty years now.have a rod for just about every fishing situation there is,short of hooking into a great white.they’re protected anyways.

  3. Get a 1000 i promise you will have alot more fun and if u think a 1000 is to small get raid on a 1000

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