Which work better in YOUR opinion?

Which is more efficient/effective in enticing fish,hard or soft body lipless cranks?


sorry again in your experience which is better at enticing fish.
No swimbaits are a lure of an entire different breed. I mean literal soft bodied lipless cranks
I replace my trebles on hard or soft lures allready equippd with them, and attatch single barb pinched hooks…

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5 thoughts on “Which work better in YOUR opinion?

  1. I have had more success with hard lip less cranks. Bill Lewis’s “trap” has been called the fish finder, I have used it as such myself often.

  2. i prefer hard body lipless cranks. im more of a saltwater fisherman, though.

  3. I actually didn’t know there’s a soft body lipless crank, but I’ve had luck with the hard ones.

  4. Rattle Traps, Cordell Spots & Aruku Shads are excellent “search lures”. You can really cover water fast with these type lures.

    “Soft body lipless cranks”???? Do you mean Swim-baits?

    If you do- Swimbait’s, (like a Yum Money Minnow) are excellent when you want to cover water quickly, but the structure or weeds are too dense to allow lures with treble hooks.

    Both have there time and place. (Thats why Bass fishermen’s tackle box’s are so BIG!)

    However, if I had to choose between the two I’d pick hard Rattle Baits. Rattle baits work extraordinarily well during the Spring & Fall.

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