Why does my soft plastic fishing bait spin when i reel it in? anyway to fix it?

Im using a little soft minnow and its spinning in circles instead of just coming in naturally. could it be the type of knot i used or just the lure is too light, or reeling too fast?

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6 thoughts on “Why does my soft plastic fishing bait spin when i reel it in? anyway to fix it?

  1. All baits spin on a retrieve. It’s just the nature of the bait to the water. If your line starts to snarl up from this, put a swivel about three feet from the lure.

  2. Try reeling slower, if that does not work, try changing the knot (clinch knot). Eliminate each factor, one at a time so that you can determine what is wrong.

  3. You probably have it rigged wrong. What kind of soft plastic is it and how do you have it rigged?

    Your “little soft minnow” description is not enough. Need more details!

  4. first of all, make certain it is laying perfectly straight on the hook. the correct style of hook is also important. maybe it needs a lead head jig to rig it on.
    secondly, you may be reeling it in too fast or a combination of the two.

    the brand, model and size information may be of some help to give you a better answer.

  5. it could be from line twist. try putting a swivel about 2 or so feet from the lure and try again. if it still does that, change the knot, try a clinch or rapala knot. they work great for me.

  6. I think you have tied it in wrong manner. That’s why you are facing so much problem. Just check it out.

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